2007 Award Winners


About The Awards

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities established the Green Roof Awards of Excellence in 2003 to recognize green roof projects which exhibit extraordinary leadership in integrated design and implementation. The awards also increase general awareness of green roof infrastructure and its associated public and private benefits, while recognizing the valuable contributions of green roof design professionals.

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Awards Winners 2007

paulkephart trevorwukasch kristalainhart timclemens timbarrett kimhawkins lisagoodman

Accompanying Peter Lowitt and Nancy Somerville are, from left to right and top to bottom: Paul Kephart, Rana Creek; Trevor Wukasch, Intrinsic Design; Krista Lainhart, Sanitation District No. 1; Tim Clemens, Walker Macy Landscape Architects; Tim Barrett, Barrett Company; Kim Hawkins, Hawkins Partners, Inc.; Council Member Lisa Goodman, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota



  • All types of buildings and green roof designs are eligible.
  • Age of project is unlimited but it must be completed, i.e., growing.
  • Participants from last year that did not win are welcome to re-submit.
  • North American projects only.
  • Only one lead submission per project will be accepted. All project team members should be identified in the submission.
  • Submission leaders may include Landscape Architects, Architects and Engineers, Roofing/Green Roof Design Consultants, Non-profit organizations, Educational & Research Institutions, Developers, and Owners.

Award Categories

There are six awards being presented, three for extensive green roofs, those with 6 inches or less of growing media throughout; and three for intensive green roofs, those with more than six inches of growing medium (this category includes semi-intensive green roofs as well, i.e., those with a mix of more and less that six inches of growing medium). Three different categories of buildings will be awarded. New and existing or retrofit projects will be treated the same way. Hence, the award categories are:

  • Extensive Residential (Single family and/or multiunit)
  • Extensive Industrial / Commercial
  • Extensive Institutional
  • Intensive Residential (Single family and/or multiunit)
  • Intensive Industrial / Commercial
  • Intensive Institutional

Applicants may submit more than one project for the same, or different award categories.

Evaluation Process

Projects are evaluated by a multidisciplinary team of seven professionals, which include architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and horticultural expertise. Each project is evaluated from the power point presentation and the project description. Projects are evaluated according to a broad range of weighted criteria which include Aesthetic, Economic, Functional and Ecological components.

Thank You to Our Judges

Jeffrey L. Bruce, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company (Awards of Excellence Winner 2006)
Paul Farmer, American Planning Association
Michael Gibbons, Architectural Systems Inc., Chair, ASTM Green Roof Task Group
Monica Kuhn, Architect and GRHC Board Member
Ed Snodgrass, Green Roof Plants
Nancy Somerville, American Society of Landscape Architects
Paul Adelmann, Xcel Energy

Green Infrastructure Design Charrette

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GRHC founder/president

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