Green Roofs for Healthy Cities welcomes you to

the Green Roofs Tree of Knowledge!

The Green Roofs Tree of Knowledge (TOK) is a full-featured database on research and policy related to green roof infrastructure. There is a considerable amount of work being done on the many socio-economic and bio-physical benefits that green roofs provide.  This database is composed of detailed summaries of research and policy papers in English from around the world.

The purpose of the database is to provide you with a single resource that aggregates existing knowledge on the benefits of green roofs and the policy options available. It is designed to equip green roof advocates with the arguments and evidence needed to get decision-makers to move from talk to policy action on the ground.  The Tree of Knowledge also provides you with an opportunity to share the results of your research and policy development efforts.

The Tree of Knowledge is:

  • Comprehensive: it covers much of the research that has been published throughout the world in the English language. 
  • Searchable: The database can be searched by users using specific search terms or by browsing through various categories of summaries.
  • User-friendly: The summaries follow a consistent format, making them easier to search and understand.
  • Open: Users are invited to submit new summaries of articles not already included in the database. 

This project is the first of its kind to pull together research on the numerous economic, social and biophysical benefits of green roofs and the wide variety of policy measures that have been implemented around the world.   The database contains information on:

  • the performance of different species of plants and growing media;
  • the full range of the social and biophysical benefits from green roof implementation;
  • private and public economic benefits flowing from the social and biophysical benefits;
  • innovative policy tools used to support green roof implementation from North America, Europe and beyond.

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Like other trees, the Green Roof Tree of Knowledge is growing: we will continue adding summaries of research papers as they become available and users are also invited to submit summaries. Click here for more information on how to contribute.

Obtaining copies of original papers
The Tree of Knowledge contains summaries of papers from academic journals and conference presentations. Some of the original papers may be available on one of GRHC’s four conference CDs, which can be purchased on the GRHC Web site. Click here to find out more about this option.